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Contributions of Immigrants

Posted by Paul Saluja | Apr 26, 2024

Today, we hear disturbing anti-immigrant rhetoric resound, reminiscent of dark chapters in American history. Certain political figures now paint immigrants to the United States as criminal hordes and advocate for an outright ban on immigration.

Let's be clear: this rhetoric is a perilous fiction that obscures the immense contributions immigrants and their descendants have made to our nation. Throughout American history, immigrants have emerged as some of the most brilliant and successful contributors across various fields such as business, sports, arts, and academia.

They've woven a rich tapestry of cultures and perspectives, propelling America to its status as the world's most dynamic economy.

Despite comprising only 14% of the population, immigrants have founded over one-third of all new businesses and more than half of startups valued over $1 billion. Consider Nvidia, the semiconductor giant with a market cap exceeding $2 trillion, founded by an immigrant.

While the majority of Americans have recognized—and continue to recognize—the positive impact of immigrants, there have been moments of doubt.

In the 1850s, the Know Nothing Party spewed vitriol at German refugees and Irish immigrants fleeing famine. In the early 20th century, a toxic blend of nationalism, xenophobia, and eugenics targeted Southern and Eastern European immigrants, culminating in the Immigration Act of 1924, which severely curtailed immigration, particularly from Asia.

As the 2024 campaign intensifies, immigration ranks as the foremost concern for voters, with many calling for increased measures to curb illegal immigration. Despite widespread acknowledgment of immigrants' benefits, support for immigration has waned in recent years.

It's crucial to secure our borders, but we mustn't overlook the competitive edge gained from attracting the world's brightest and most entrepreneurial minds. I've spent years chronicling the journeys of immigrants to the U.S. and their exceptional contributions—stories that underscore the enduring value of immigration for our nation.

Albert Einstein, a renowned physicist, was not only a genius of science but also an immigrant whose contributions reshaped our understanding of the universe. Born in Germany in 1879, Einstein's journey took him from Europe to the United States, where he found refuge from persecution under the Nazi regime. His groundbreaking theories, including the theory of relativity, revolutionized physics and laid the foundation for modern cosmology. Einstein's work fundamentally altered our comprehension of space, time, and the nature of reality itself. Beyond his scientific achievements, Einstein advocated for peace, civil rights, and humanitarian causes, leaving an indelible mark on society. As an immigrant, he exemplifies the profound impact that individuals from diverse backgrounds can have on shaping the world for the better.

Consider the narrative of Andrew Grove, former president of Intel, who fled Hungary amidst Nazi and Communist regimes, eventually revolutionizing the semiconductor industry.

Jan Koum, co-founder of WhatsApp, rose from poverty in Soviet Ukraine to create a mobile messaging giant, acquired by Facebook for billions.

Derrick Rossi, stem cell scientist and co-founder of Moderna, exemplifies immigrant ingenuity, playing a pivotal role in developing the Covid-19 vaccine.

These stories, and countless others, underscore the vital role immigrants play in shaping America's success, not just in business but also in fields like sports and sciences.

As the world looks to the United States as a beacon of opportunity, we must ensure that our nation remains a welcoming destination for dreamers and innovators. The trajectory of the 21st century, much like the 20th, hinges on our ability to embrace and harness the talents of those who seek to contribute to our collective prosperity.

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