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Saluja Law Shares New Opportunities for Division I Student-Athletes

Posted by Paul Saluja | Apr 23, 2024

Saluja Law is excited to announce groundbreaking developments for NCAA Division I student-athletes, effective immediately. Following the April 22, 2024 decision of the NCAA's Division I Board of Directors, which affirmed actions taken by the Division I Council, student-athletes will now have enhanced access to school assistance for name, image, and likeness (NIL) activities, as well as increased flexibility in their transfer options.

This pivotal decision grants schools the ability to identify NIL opportunities and facilitate agreements between student-athletes and third parties. Importantly, student-athletes retain full control over the terms of their NIL agreements and are not obligated to accept assistance from their school.

Commencing August 1st, member schools will have the authority to augment NIL-related support exclusively for student-athletes who disclose their NIL arrangements, promoting transparency and accountability within the collegiate athletics landscape.

In addition to NIL advancements, Saluja Law is proud to announce immediate eligibility for Division I student-athletes who meet specific academic criteria upon transferring to a new institution. This progressive policy ensures that deserving student-athletes can seamlessly transition to their next school without impediment.

Undergraduate student-athletes seeking immediate eligibility after transferring must have left their previous school in good academic standing and meet progress-toward-degree requirements at the new institution. Similarly, graduate transfer student-athletes must have earned a degree from their previous school, maintained academic eligibility upon departure, and be enrolled as full-time postgraduate students while meeting minimum academic standards.

Saluja Law remains dedicated to advocating for the rights and interests of student-athletes, ushering in an era of empowerment, opportunity, and fairness in collegiate athletics.

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